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Asia 3+ 1 month
Regular 33.30 USD  
Special 16.63 USD
** One month cover car asset 100, 000libility 500, 000property damage 1, 000, 000Personal accident 400, 000treat 400, 000bail bond 300.000for more car asset please contact the officer
compulsory insurance for Car
Price 21.51 USD
Compulsory insurance for Carsending by EMS mailplease write down your chasis number and other car detail in remark while you order
compulsory insurance for pickup
Price 32.24 USD
compulsory insurance for pickupsending by EMS mail
The lack of parking
Price 16.67 USD
The lack of parking
3+ for motercycle
Price 1,699.00 USD
motercycle 3 plus
Inland transit insurance
Price 89.53 USD
inland transit asset 100, 000 bathdeductable 5, 000 or 10 % of loss
Inland transit insurance
Price 179.07 USD
inland transit


We stay by your side in Bangkok Thailand


everything about car and insurance worry free

  • pay by instalments make everything easier
  • immedily cover
  • Cheapest for compusary insurance only 550 bath for car and 830 bath for pickup (nornally 645 for car and 945 for pickup)

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สินเชื่อรถแลกเงิน SCB
สินเชื่อรถเเลกเงิน TISCO
ระบบรับชำระเงิน กสิกรไทย M POS
UBER Driver ลงทะเบียนเพื่อขับรถ

   Hot Product/Service
compulsory insurance for pickup
Price 32.24 USD
compulsory insurance for Car
Price 21.51 USD
The lack of parking
Price 16.67 USD
compulsory insurance for van
Regular 39.41 USD
Special 34.00
Asia 3+ 1 month Asset 100,000
Price 33.30 USD
3+ for motercycle
Price 1,699.00 USD
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